Bonus Task

Stake your First Pictographs Memory Card NFT

Connect your wallet, confirm your email and stake your Pictographs Memory Card.

Step 1. Go to the staking page.

Go to the staking page directly or you can access it from our website’s home page by clicking the STAKING button in the upper right corner.

Connect your Metamask wallet with your First Pictographs Memory Card NFT on Linea Mainnet (if it is not connected yet).

Step 2. Confirm your email.

Enter your email (1) and click the CONFIRM EMAIL button (2), after that you will receive an email with a confirmation code.

Note: if you your email address highlighted in red color and you are not able to click the CONFIRM EMAIL button, you should just to reconnect your wallet. Follow these 2 steps to do it: 1) disconnect your wallet (yellow button in the upper right corner with your address); 2) connect your wallet again and enter email (if you have already confirmed your email before, this field will be already filled and you can go to staking)

Note: be sure to use the same email address that you will use in the future when creating in-game account in the MVP application

Check your email inbox (and spam folder), enter the confirmation code in the pop-up window and click SEND CODE

Click the STAKE button to be redirected to the staking page.

Step 3. Select NFT to stake.

Click the First Pictographs Memory Card image.

Step 4. Stake NFT.

Click STAKE button and approve the transaction.

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