Getting started

Pictographs is an open community. New users are provided entry by utilizing their activation code to gain access to create an account. Once they are registered, users will then need to purchase a Picto-Camera NFT.

  1. Download the PICTO App: The PICTO mobile game is currently available as an MVP. After our public launch, you'll be able to find it on both the App Store and Google Play. Download the MVP here.

  2. Sign Up: To ensure an active and secure community, new users need an activation code for access. Once you have your code, sign up using your email address. Don't forget to verify your email with the identification key provided by the app.

  3. Purchase a Picto-Camera: Purchase a Picto-Camera NFT from our marketplace. Once acquired, equip it to your account and elevate your gameplay.

  4. Begin Your Daily Quests: With your camera ready, dive into daily quests. Capture, create, and earn tokens as you complete challenges.

  5. Invite Friends: Spread the word! Invite your friends to join the Pictographs community and earn PICT$ as a reward.

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