Camera Level-up

In Pictographs, the journey of photography is enhanced by the dynamic level-up mechanism of cameras. As you progress, you can amplify your camera's capabilities, but it's essential to understand the nuances of this process:

  • Camera level up require $PICTO tokens, and the higher the level and rarity of the camera, the more expensive the upgrade becomes

  • Leveling up is not an instant process and requires time. The higher your camera's level, the more time it will take to progress to the next level.

  • Only 1 camera can be levelled up at a time

  • With each new level, the camera earns points for distribution among its characteristics.

  • Sockets for upgrades unlock gradually as you level up your camera

  • During the level-up you can't clean, breed or burn your camera, but you can still use it to complete quests.

    *Please note that in the current MVP version, it's necessary to increase the level of all three camera characteristics—lens, memory, and charge—to enhance the overall camera level and receive more $PICTO rewards for daily quests.

Dive deep into the Pictographs experience, understand your camera's potential, and embark on a rewarding photographic journey!

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