Camera Types

*Please note that not all game mechanics are present in the current MVP version and will be gradually added in upcoming updates. Stay tuned.

In the world of Pictographs, cameras are represented by various types, reflecting photographers' levels of experience and ambitions. Each camera type offers unique capabilities and limitations, allowing players to choose and tailor their tools according to their style and goals.

Here's how cameras differ by types:

  1. Basic Camera: serves as the entry level for beginner photographers. It provides limited capabilities and is an ideal option for those who are just starting their journey in the world of Pictographs.

    Features: No sockets for upgrades

  2. Amateur Camera: offers a broad range of tools for those who want to delve deeper into the world of photography without necessarily becoming professionals.

    Features: 1 socket for upgrades

  3. Semi-Professional Camera: provides additional features for more serious photographers aiming to enhance their skills and results.

    Features: 2 sockets for upgrades

  4. Professional Camera: designed for experienced and ambitious photographers striving for outstanding results and aiming to maximize their potential.

    Features: 3 sockets for upgrades

Upgrade Sockets

There are 3 types of sockets for 3 different types of upgrades, each of which affects one of the 3 characteristics of the camera.

Sockets in cameras are distributed randomly, it means that a professional camera can have all 3 sockets for the same upgrade, or all 3 different ones.

Sockets have 5 rarities, just like cameras, and depending on it, they additionally increase the effect of upgrades installed into them:

  • Common socket: *TBD*

  • Uncommon socket: *TBD*

  • Rare socket: *TBD*

  • Epic socket: *TBD*

  • Legendary socket: *TBD*

The sockets unlock gradually as you move the camera at certain levels. The difference and type of socket are not known until the socket is unlocked.

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