Photo Quests

Welcome to the thrilling world of quests in Pictographs! Embark on exciting adventures, earn $PICTO tokens, and explore new horizons in photography. The quests in the game are divided into four categories, each providing unique challenges and opportunities for rewards:

  • Daily Quests Every day, you gain access to three different photo quests, each representing tasks of varying difficulty. Quests can be categorized as "Easy," "Medium," and "Hard," varying in challenge and creativity. Choose one or more quests based on your capabilities and mood.

  • POI (Point of Interest) Quests Explore the world around you by completing quests related to real points of interest. Discover new locations, capture their unique moments, and receive generous rewards. Remember that each POI quest can only be completed once!

  • Business Quests Participate in unique quests related to Pictographs' collaborations with real businesses. High rewards await you for these quests.

  • Special Quests Immerse yourself in exciting adventures with special quests that don't fit into standard categories. Solve weekly puzzles, participate in themed events, test your skills in time-based quests, and much more.

Volts required

Completing each quest requires energy, called volts. The number of volts available to complete a quest depends on your camera inventory and their rarity. You'll need to allocate your volts among the chosen quests to complete as many as possible.

Photo quests are a great way to demonstrate your photographic skills, find new inspiration, and elevate your mastery. Choose your quests, activate your camera, and prove that you're a true lens master in the world of Pictographs!

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