*Please note that only approximate values are indicated for different mechanics, the final values in the release version of the app may differ.

Boosters are NFT assets that significantly enhance one of the 3 camera characteristics but have a limited duration. They can be applied to any camera and can only be used once; after application, the booster is consumed.

For each characteristic, there is a specific booster:

  • Focus Enhancer: temporarily increases the Lens characteristic

  • Cloud Service Subscription: temporarily increases the Streak Power characteristic

  • Cleaning Spray: temporarily increases the Cleanability characteristic

Boosters Characteristics

Boosters come in 5 rarity levels, affecting the value of the characteristic enhancement and its duration.

  • Common: *TBA*

  • Uncommon: *TBA*

  • Rare: *TBA*

  • Epic: *TBA*

  • Legendary: *TBA*

Acquiring Boosters

Boosters can be obtained from cases or bought on the market.

Boosters burning

Boosters can be burned to obtain a higher rarity booster, similar to other NFT assets.

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