*Please note that only approximate values are indicated for different mechanics, the final values in the release version of the app may differ.

Upgrades are NFT assets that permanently enhance one of the camera's characteristics as long as they are installed on the camera. Can only be installed on cameras with corresponding sockets.

  • Camera Sensor: Increases the lens characteristic.

  • Tripod: Boosts streak power characteristic.

  • Camera Case: Enhances cleanability characteristic.

Upgrade Characteristics

Camera upgrades come in 5 rarity levels, similar to other NFT assets. The rarity level affects the value by which the corresponding characteristic is increased.

  • Common: *TBA*

  • Uncommon: *TBA*

  • Rare: *TBA*

  • Epic: *TBA*

  • Legendary: *TBA*

Acquiring Upgrades

Upgrades can be bought on the market or obtained from cases, in an assembly or as fragments, which can later be assembled into a complete upgrade.

Installation and Extraction

Installed on the camera upgrades can be extracted, but there is a chance that they might break into fragments upon extraction, requiring reassembly. For common upgrades, this breakage probability is 100%.

Market Listing

A camera with installed upgrades cannot be listed on the market.

Burning for Rarity Enhancement

Upgrades can be burned to obtain a rarer upgrade, similar to the process with cameras.

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