Streaks and Cases

*Please note that only approximate values are indicated for different mechanics, the final values in the release version of the app may differ.


A streak is defined by the successful completion (no rejected photos) of all quests available to the users within their daily volt limit.

The length of a streak is determined by the number of completed quests. The longer the streak and the higher the Streak Power (SP) characteristic is, the higher the level of the case obtained.

If the volt count allows for multiple quests and the user fails to complete one or a quest gets rejected, the streak is interrupted. In such cases, the user receives a case, the level of which depends on the streak length and Streak Power (SP).

Throughout the streak, players can see its current length, but the case level they will receive upon interruption remains undisclosed.


Cases are loot boxes in Pictographs, offering 11 levels of rewards. The higher the level, the greater the rewards within the case.

From cases of any level users are guaranteed to receive $PICTO tokens. Additionally, there is a chance of obtaining a memory card and a screwdriver from any case.

From higher-level cases, there is also a probability of receiving boosters, upgrade fragments, and complete upgrades.

$PICTO tokens are required to open cases.

Cases have an opening timer. After the timer expires, the cost of opening the chest is minimized, but users can open it at any time, even immediately, at an increased cost.

Lower-level chests have longer maturation timers.

Players start with 3 cases slots available, but they can purchase up to 2 additional slots through a subscription.

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