Optional Tasks

Optional Task 1. Mint Pictographs' Photonauts NFT (Limited Edition 7.000 pcs, 0.007 ETH per NFT).

Photonauts is a PFP-collection of 7000 unique NFTs from the Pictographs universe. These characters hold not only collectible value but also offer exclusive opportunities to holders within the Pictographs game and the overall ecosystem.

Photonauts NFTs holders will get bonuses like airdrops and various in-game benefits. All holders will also get in an exclusive whitelist and will be able to mint upcoming Lady Photonauts NFT collection (Limited Edition) with a discount of 30%.

Step 1. Go to the mint page.

Go to the mint page directly or you can access it from our website’s home page by clicking the MINT button under the Photonaut image.

Step 2. Connect your wallet.

Click the CONNECT WALLET button to connect your Metamask wallet and choose Linea Mainnet network.

Sign the message to verify your account.

Step 3. Mint Pictographs’ Photonauts NFT.

Select the number of the NFTs you want to mint, click the MINT button and confirm the transaction.

Optional Task 2. Follow Pictographs on X: +50 levels to your camera in the game.

Optional Task 3. Download MVP and mint POAP NFT.

Step 1. Download Pictographs MVP application.

On the homepage choose the platform you are using and download the app.

Note: if you are using iOS please be sure to install from App Store TestFlight application firstly.

Step 2. Sign up to the game.

Open Pictographs MVP application and enter the same email address that you have connected to the website.

Choose your in-game nickname, enter the code you’ve received by email and click CONTINUE button.

Step 3. Mint your Pictographs x Linea Park POAP NFT.

Go to account tab and click MINT MY POAP NFT button and you will be redirected to the mint page.

Connect your MM wallet.

Click the MINT button and confirm transaction.

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